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Justin Roberts “Jungle Gym” Tracklist Revealed

Justin Roberts, one of the big hitters in the kindie music world, is set to release a new album.

“Jungle Gym”, due June 8th, is Roberts’ 7th family album.  Below is the tracklist.

  1. We Go Duck
  2. Sleepoverland
  3. Trick or Treat
  4. Sign My Cast (the title “Jungle Gym” is taken from a lyric within this song)
  5. Gym Class Parachute
  6. Obsessed by Trucks
  7. Cardboard Box
  8. Snow Day
  9. Never Getting Lost
  10. New Haircut
  11. Fire Drill
  12. 2 x 4

Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg

Buy Justin Roberts CDs, including “Pop Fly” which I called the best children’s album ever made.

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  1. Wait until you hear Not Ready for Naptime Player Gerald Dowd on the electric hair clippers (for the song “Haircut”)!

  2. We CANNOT WAIT! as I mentioned, he did a few of these live, and this is going to be one awesome CD. I really hope he comes away with a GRAMMY nomination for it, and I haven’t even heard it yet.

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