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Cussin’ in Context


The Bear’s been saying this choice, common curse word since she was 2.  Big deal?  Not really, because most importantly to me, she’s been saying it in proper context from the start; after seeing her box of crayons crash to the floor, for example.  Kids say some adorable things, but what’s almost always LOAO-funny in a hand-over-the-mouth-glance-at-your-significant-other-in-an-OMG-did-she-just-say-that-sorta-way is when one of our innocent little munchkins casually drops an F-bomb.

I’m no sailor (or David Mamet), but my language ain’t always perty.  Being the astute little creatures that they are, the Bear and Mouse pick up on my verbal, um, habits and let some zingers go themselves.  I’ve never minded, ’cause 1) I don’t believe words are bad and 2) I see it as a teachable moment, deserving more than a simple “don’t say those bad words”.  That’s a lazy ass response.  Re: #1, I think people can be bad and there are bad situations when it’s definitely not cool to use certain words (for example, I’ve never cursed in front of my parents – unless you count them reading such words here), but even the nastiest words ever spoken are just a collection of letters that someone, somewhere, at some point decided to find offensive. I don’t assign a good/bad label to, or demonize any word.  Words are glorious and all of them serve some purpose.

Pretty cavalier, huh?  Maybe, maybe not.

Yesterday, I discovered that my oldest brother and his wife share my belief on this subject. Seems my nephew, their 10-year old son, said FUCK! to himself / at himself after being disappointed with his performance during a basketball game this weekend.  A perfectly good use of the word, me thinks.  The usage of the word FUCK during an emotional moment, deriding oneself for poor effort or a mistake made is commonplace and, frankly, may even help an individual, regardless of age, deal with such emotions.  Letting a hardy F-bomb go after a major screw up feels good, it releases tension and allows for the “moving on” part to commence.

Damnit, as long as the Bear and Mouse continue to use their words (all of them) properly, when the situation merits, I got no beef.

What do you say?  Have a problem with a youngster using a “bad” word?  More concerned with situation and context? Let me hear it (but please try to keep it clean…for the sake of the children).



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