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A Parade of Sweets

The Bear turned into a 6-year old yesterday.

The celebration began on Saturday and continued through last night.  What struck me funny about the way we ushered in the 6th year of her life, more than anything, was that it included an ungodly parade of sweets.

On Saturday, at the official party that kicked things off, the Bear enjoyed a homemade cupcake ice cream cone.  The Mrs, who isn’t known for spending a ton of time in the kitchen, followed this handy video and did an absolutely fantastic job in making these cones, filled with gummy bears, Swedish fish and jellybeans underneath the cupcakes and icing, for all the kids.

On Sunday, when some of my family who couldn’t attend the day prior came over to wish a Happy B-Day and to watch the USA v. Canada Gold Medal men’s hockey game, the Bear had leftover ice cream cake.

On Monday night, a mere 4 hours after their free kid’s meal/birthday club postcard arrived in our mailbox, we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger where the Bear had a birthday cake batter milkshake (w/ rainbow jimmies, of course).  Back home after dinner, we made Alton Brown’s chocolate brownies (which are, without a doubt, the greatest brownies ever) w/ rainbow jimmies mixed into the batter, for her to take into school on…

Tuesday, lunch: the rich, sublime brownies for her and her classmates.

Tuesday, dinner.  We had to have something for her actual birthday, right?  The Mrs. bought her a french vanilla muffin (to mix it up a bit) from Wegman’s and I decorated a plate with a big chocolate syrup 6, which she mopped up completely with the muffin pieces.

And now, kiddie detox.

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