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Baze and His Silly Friends – Toddlerville CD Review


The Sound: Power pop for preschoolers.

In the Cafeteria, They Sit With: Daddy A Go Go, Jetta and the Jellybeans, Monty Harper

Best Moments: “This is Your Body” exudes a nostalgic “Happy Days” vibe while teaching kids about their impressive bodies (check out the video below).  It’s got this late 50’s, early 60’s rock-n-roll style that’s adorable and extremely catchy.  By the time the hand claps arrive at the 1-minute mark, you’ll be hooked.  “Happy Happy Birthday”, a 74-second bundle of joy, plays a prominent role in our iTunes birthday playlist. It’s about as fun a birthday song as there is.

Bonus Thoughts:
The cracklin’ A.M. radio intro to “Funny Feeling” might be the coolest thing on “Toddlerville” and
thanks to guest star Ah-Choo, Baze and His Silly Friends also successfully infuse a little of that Sesame Street-via-Father Goose spirit on the loose, giddy “I Got the ABCs” to closeout the 30-minute album.

Bonus Bonus Thought: Check out the video for “This is Your Body”.

Okay, Time to Wrap it Up with a Nice Little Bow: “Toddlerville” is an uneven album that starts well and ends strong – it’s the middle bits that leave me less than satisfied.  The CD is, much like an actual toddler, generally enjoyable to be around but it has moments that’ll make you want to pull your hair out.  Fear not though, because “Toddlerville” comes complete with numerous high points – sometimes it’s a whole song (“This is Your Body”, “Happy Happy Birthday”), other times it’s just the chorus (“My Family”) or some sweet drumming (“Time of Your Life”).  Despite a few misses, it’s clear Baze and His Silly Friends know how to make rock solid, toe-tapping kiddie rock-n-roll.

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*The Baze and His Silly Friends “Toddlerville” CD was provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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