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A Blogger’s Guide to NYC Toy Fair 2010

Unfortunately, I won’t be at the NYC Toy Fair this year.

But, a couple of fine folks I discovered during the 2009 NYC Toy Fair will be back, this time with way more than just prototypes of their inventions.

Allow my dispatches here, here and here from the 2009 Toy Fair serve as a primer for your 2010 Toy Fair/Javits Center experience. And take note of these tips:

  • Do not eat inside the Javits Center! – the food sucks and is outrageously priced.  There are a couple pubs and restaurants within an easy 2-3 block walk.  If the weather is decent, get some fresh air and get some good food, priced fairly.  Last year, I had 2 delicious lunches at the Hudson Yards Cafe on 10th.
  • Spend some time downstairs at Javits – yeah, upstairs are all the big boys (and girls) with their big flashy displays, but downstairs is the real future of the toy world.  That’s where you’ll find the entreprenuers, inventors and risk takers.  Talk to some of them.  You’ll likely be talking to the actual person behind the toy, not some well-dressed salesman.
  • Make use of the affordable coat/bag check inside Javits – you’ll be on your feet all day, you don’t want to carry anything you don’t have to.  I think it’s $2 a bag – worth every penny.
  • Make a plan – you may not stick to it, but have a plan before walking into Toy Fair 2010.  Check out the floorplan and exhibitor list and figure out which companies you really want to see and talk to.
  • Make use of Toy Fair Mobile – they didn’t have this last year, but it sounds awesome (not for iPhone yet, bummer).  Go here to read all about it.

Have a blast at Toy Fair 2010!

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