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The Sweetest Gift

No idea when she planned/prepared this, but The Bear gave The Mrs. and I a gift on Christmas Day.  It was a postcard that she’d purchased in Newport, RI during the summer.  It had been lying around her room ever since.  At some point on Christmas eve or day, she slipped away to wrap it nicely in green tissue paper, slide it into a gift bag, affix a gold ribbon and write “To: Daddy and Mommy”.  Simple, thoughtful and damn near the cutest thing ever.

Her excitement to give us this gift was intense, quite possibly topping the anxious joy she felt before ripping into the pile Santa left behind.  This is a good sign.  The passion for gift giving is strong in me.  It’s a trait I get from my Dad who, I recall rather vividly, flatly refused to open gifts on Christmas Day.  He had, and probably still has (although he isn’t indignant about it anymore), no desire to receive presents from his wife or kids.  He just wanted to give and give and give – taking much pleasure in that glorious moment when paper and tape was removed from box, bike, and toy for us boys or in emerging from the garage to bestow upon my mother a fur coat, diamond necklace or some other extravagancy.  My brothers and I had to beg my dad to open something from us.  He didn’t recognize then that he had given us this same passion for giving.  Seems the Bear has it now and it might be the best gift I could ever give her.

The Mary Poppins figurine collection a close 2nd.

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