From Dear Edwina, With Love

Let me give you some advice: Spend Valentine’s Day Weekend in Paw Paw, Michigan (er, Manhattan) with Edwina and her friends…and save $10 on each ticket to the best Off-Broadway kid’s musical I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the sweet deal:

Have your kid write Edwina Spoonapple a Valentine’s Day card/letter, bring it to the DR2 Theater in Union Square and you’ll be allowed to buy up to 4 tickets at the discounted price of $29 each.

OWTK caught this year’s version of Dear Edwina at the DR2 Theater in Union Square and came away as amazed as we did after the 1st go-around.  This time, we had the Mouse (age 2.5) with us and she is still singing “Hola Lola”, “Frankenguest”, and “Sing Your Own Song” three weeks later.  The musical magic of Dear Edwina has captured my youngest and tightened it’s grip on my oldest (the Bear has now seen the show 3 times and if it were up to her, she’d see it a few more).

This Valentine’s Day Weekend, let Dear Edwina dazzle your kids while you save some precious dough.  Don’t miss this opportunity – the show closes on Monday 2/15/10!

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