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Debbie and Her “24” Friends

I don’t know what the characters on the wildly popular Fox TV series “24” watch when their not running from exploding buildings or getting into gunfights, but I do know this: during the “24” season premiere this coming Sunday night, Jack Bauer and his granddaughter will stumble upon a pair of music videos by none other than Debbie and Friends.

That deserves a WOWZERS!

Fans of kindie rock (and of OWTK, Zooglobble, etc.) have likely already seen the cute animated vids for “Three Pigs and a Wolf” and “Hangin’ Around” (if you haven’t, they’re down below for your enjoyment), but adding a few million more eyes isn’t likely to hurt the kid’s music career of Debbie Cavalier.

So, a hearty congrats to her and her band!

If you like what you see and hear, be sure to check out her latest video, for “Willy Won’t Smile For the Camera“.  The song is from her 2nd kid’s CD, due out this Spring.

Debbie and Friends Official Website

“Three Pigs and a Wolf”

“Hangin’ Around”

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