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Little Cook – A silly little game for Daddy (or Mommy’s) little sous chef.  My kids love to help me prepare and cook food and now they can get their fill even when the family kitchen is closed.  With the Little Cook app, kids can make a salad, eggs, pizza, soup, sandwiches or an ice cream sundae using a variety of ingredients.  Make a delicious dessert and receive kudos from the a little girl taste-tester, combine blueberries, cheese and pepperoni into an omlete and hear her provide some funny, gentle negative feedback.  Little Cook is a very fun, easy to use app perfect for little foodies and well worth the $.99. Download Little Cook now.  Want this app for free plus an iTunes Gift Card? Enter your child in the Little Cook Photo Contest.  Details here.

Picpocket Books – a monster iPhone app book publisher, now with 17 book apps!  We have Tire Mountain and Cucumber Soup, and both are fantastic.  The amazing this about these books is the repeat usage my daughters get out of them.  I would’ve thought that maybe 1 or 2 listens/views and they’d be forgotten about, but no, the Bear and Mouse cuddle up with Tire Mountain and Cucumber Soup, a story of community and working together as told through ants, snakes and other creatures, once every week or so.
StoryChimes – another giant in iPhone book apps, StoryChimes (Siena Entertainmint) currently has 13 books and 1 free matching game for kids.  We’ve got a pair of Brothers Grimm tales – Little Red Riding Hood and The Queen Bee.  Little Red Riding Hood is a treat.  It’s a faithful retelling of the famous story, and wins with impressive illustrations by John Haney.  The Queen Bee, however, is less enjoyable.  None of us like the story and the sound/reading of it here is quite poor.  The free matching game is a hoot.

Skee-Ball – Maybe the best way I’ve ever spent a buck.  So much fun and realistic skee-ball action, without the dirty gym sock arcade smell and apathetic prize counter employees.  Yes, there are prizes with this game!  No, they haven’t figured out a way to send tickets out the bottom of the iPhone (give ’em time!) but you can win lollipops, kazoos and cool fancy skee balls that can be used in-game.  Skee-Ball is an awesome game, now it’s an awesome app. Get in now.

*The Little Cook, Picpocket Books and StoryChimes apps were all provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.  I spent my own $.99 on Skee-Ball.

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