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Holiday Kindie Rock Deals

Looking for a last minute gift of music for a child?  So many kid’s bands/acts/labels are having specials right now, I figured I’d try to collect ’em all (or most of ’em) in one place.  Here goes:

  • The Baby Grands self-titled CD – THE DEAL: 2 CDs for $19.99 plus pick any other CD from the label’s catalog and get it for free at checkout (no extra shipping charges either).  From Backspace Records, through the end of 2009.  [Read the OWTK review of The Baby Grand debut CD]
  • Mr. Stinky Feet Holiday Gift Pack – The DEAL: A Mr. Stinky Feet Christmas CD, T-Shirt and plush dinosaur for $20 (with free shipping).  From Mr. Stinky Feet Store, through Christmas (I’d imagine).
  • Dan Zanes – The DEAL: Well, tons of deals, actually – like the “76 Trombones” Gift Pack includes the new CD, Fine Friends Are Here DVD and your choice of any other Dan Zanes CD for $35.  From Dan Zanes Store.  [Read the OWTK review of Dan Zanes & Friends “Fine Friends Are Here” DVD]
  • Justin Roberts – The DEAL: 1/2 price Pop Fly T-shirts and 15% off all CDs.  From Justin Roberts Store.  [Read the OWTK review of “Pop Fly”]
  • Laurie Berkner – The DEAL: Deeply discounted concert t-shirts and clothes, including an autographed toddler tee for $5!  From Laurie Berkner Store.
  • The Pokey Pup – The DEAL: 24 Holiday Gift Ideas for under $24, with free shipping (through 12/10).  From The Pokey Pup.
  • Gustafer Yellowgold – The DEAL: Gustafer Gift Bundle includes 1 DVD/CD, 1 Kid’s T-Shirt, 1 Gustafer plush toy, 2 temporary tattoos and 1 sticker for $38. From the Gustafer Yellowgold Store.
  • They Might Be Giants – The DEAL: A couple Holiday Gift Bundles here, including one that gets you the new “Here Comes Science” DVD/CD, “Kid’s Go!” Book/DVD and a T-Shirt for $40 with free shipping.  There are also several coupon codes for building your own gift bundle.  Great stuff from TMBG, check it all out at the official They Might Be Giants Store.  Offer good through 2/1/2010. [Read the OWTK review of Kid’s Go!]
  • The Not-Its! – The DEAL: The Great Compromise Pack which includes a CD and T-Shirt for $23.  From the Not-Its! Store.  [Read the OWTK review of “What Are The Not-Its!]
  • Johnny Bregar – The DEAL: All 3 Johnny Bregar CDs for $30.  From the Johnny Bregar Store. [Read the OWTK review of “Dragonfly”]
  • SteveSongs – The DEAL: New SteveSongs T-Shirt, “Music Time with SteveSongs” CD and Barefoot Books featuring SteveSongs music for $35.  From SteveSongs Store.

*I did my best, but this list still may very well be incomplete.  If you know of another deal not listed here, feel free to leave a comment with all the particulars.


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