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Debbie and Friends Live in Philly

Last weekend, while the Mrs. slumped into her cubicle for an unpleasant Saturday morning of shuffling papers, the Bear, Mouse and I traveled to Philly for the Debbie & Friends show at World Cafe Live.  We’d been enjoying their ab-fab animated music videos over the past several months, but this occasion marked our 1st time seeing the Boston band live.  The quick 45-minute set was energetic and tight (although devoid of our favorite song, “Little Red Riding Hood”).  The 5-piece band had the kids, and most of the moms, on their feet and in motion for much of the performance.  I contend these kid’s shows need to be longer, but that is probably a beef with the venue/promoter than the bands.  Kid’s can go for longer than 45 minutes, trust me.  Ideally, I’d like to see a solid 1 hr 15 min or something in that range.

Anyhow…what struck me most about our time at the show was how much the Bear enjoyed herself.  Debbie and Friends make very good music, without a doubt, but it’s decidedly preschoolish in nature.  At home, the Bear typically rocks a little harder, to the likes of The Jimmies, Recess Monkey and 23 Skidoo, but she had an absolute blast on this day.  She and the Bear got right up front, danced together and interacted with Debbie Cavalier from just about the 1st note.

The timing of the show was intriguing.  The next day, the Bear was going to a birthday party for her best bud at school.  Hannah Montana was on the invitation [groan].  If given the choice, I’d probably have selected an edgier kid’s rock show for her to attend before stepping into the Disney Pop world for a couple hours the following day, but seeing her still willing and able to enjoy Debbie & Friends’ songs about opposite words, The Three Little Pigs and the like, made me extremely happy.  The Bear may be growing up, but she’s still an adorable little girl who hasn’t severed ties with the “adorable” or the “little”.

If you’ve got little ones, or bigger ones who are still in touch with their toddler-selves, check out a Debbie & Friends live show and/or the band’s debut album “Story Songs and Sing Alongs” – my two have been singing several of the unbelievably catchy songs from this disc since the show last weekend.

News! News! Debbie & Friends album #2 is due out in March 2010.

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