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The All-Ages Show – LEGO Rock Band

I could sum up this review in two little words: NO FAIL.
If your kids are anything like mine – young and, at times, easily frustrated with failure – you’ve probably had a hard time playing Rock Band with them.  A half a minute or so of missed notes and wham! – they’re gone.  As a family, we hardly play our Wii Rock Band because of the impossible expectations – hell, I can’t even master the guitar on EASY.  So, to paraphrase Vampire Weekend, “my kids don’t stand a chance.”

Along comes LEGO Rock Band to change all that, making the Rock Band experience easy enough for even 2-year old kids to enjoy thanks to a Super Easy Mode.  Add some sweet tunes from the aforementioned Vampire Weekend, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, Foo Fighters and a ton more, including, um Korn? seriously? (click here for full song list), and you’ve got the making of a fun, interactive game that the entire family can enjoy.

The ability to rock out as pirates, the band members of Queen, Blur and Spinal Tap, or crazy LEGO people doesn’t hurt either!

If you’ve got kids, love music and know your way around a pile of a LEGOs, you’re going to have a blast playing LEGO Rock Band – we do (even if the font size for the lyrics is woefully small, even on our big screen).

LEGO Rock Band is fully compatible with Rock Band instruments, so if you’ve got those already, all you need is to buy the game.  That being said, how cool would a primary color LEGO guitar and drum kit be?

I won’t go as far as to call LEGO Rock Band a modern classic, but it’s a fantastic way to allow very young kids into the Rock Band club.

Click here to visit the official LEGO Rock Band website.

*The LEGO Rock Band game for Nintendo Wii was provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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