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Sorry Elmo, She’s Just Not That Into You

My girls don’t go bonkers for TV these days, but when they do it’s not because of Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch. They never ask to watch Sesame Street nor do they turn it on themselves. Sesame Street may have been the one of the most popular children’s television shows, but sadly it’s not the sparkling series it once was anymore.

Even though my daughters have three stuffed Elmo dolls, a Cookie Monster and a Bert doll, Sesame Street is an after-thought in our house. Instead, Word Girl, Caillou, Curious George and Jane and the Dragon are saved on my DVR.

Sesame Street is no longer culturally relevant and the show, with its familiar brand of edutainment, no longer resonates with my kids.  Other than Elmo’s World, the format of Sesame Street is unappealing and slow. The cut-and-paste transitions between segments are clunky, offering kids 15-30 seconds of confusing randomness sandwiched between scenes where the characters are often immobile.  Sesame Street is boring – there I’ve said it.  My girls wander away from the couch if it comes on the tube – and they don’t have short attentions spans!

I wanted my the Bear and Mouse to love Sesame Street just as I did, but now I don’t care. There are plenty of better TV choices – Clifford, Jane and the Dragon and the aforementioned Word Girl – with engaging, linear storylines and devoid of stale, recycled video clips from decades past.

The instructive segments aren’t Sesame Street’s only issue.  If I want my girls to listen to music on a TV show, a staple of the Sesame Street formula, I’m better off turning on Yo Gabba Gabba’s hip selection of alternative rock or old On Demand episodes of Jack’s Big Music Show for the best modern kid’s music out there.  Or better yet, we’ll slip in a live DVD from The Jimmies of Dan Zanes to satisfy their musical hunger.

Maybe someday we’ll visit 123 Sesame Street again, but right we’re having a blast exploring new neighborhoods.

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