Weird Dreams and a Sick Bear

Over the past several nights, my dreams have been getting more and more odd. Usually, I don’t remember a single one. They’re either too vanilla to warrant a memory in the morning or I’m just not at all capable of recalling them. Well, I remember 1 from last night. Here goes:

I’m called into the Mouse’s room, where the Bear and the Mrs. already have convened, because there is a squirrel in the crib. I yell for Tilly (our brown tabby cat), saying that it’s her job to patrol for bugs and, in this case, a baby squirrel. Apparently I’m able to easily communicate with Tilly as she quickly jumps into the crib to investigate the situation. Instead of playing animal cop, she gets playful. The two play for a bit before snuggling and falling asleep together. Nice.

Meanwhile, I’m searching for a cardboard box to capture the squirrel. By the time I find one the squirrel and Tilly are down on the floor playing again. Somehow I manage to get the squirrel into the box, however the creature is no longer little. What was once a kinda cute, furry squirrel baby is now a grown women in a squirrel suit. She crouches down to squeeze into the box. She’s whimpering, something about not wanting to go back outside. Once again I posses the power to speak directly to an animal and politely (and with impressive calm) explain that while I’d love to keep her as a pet, it’s just not something that’s done. I went on to add that most Vets, I don’t think, can examine and treat squirrels and at the very least I’d need her to get a check up before we took her as a member of the family. So out she went, but she didn’t go far. Nope, she walked to the front window and stood there starring in at us with the biggest sad lip ever seen on a woman wearing a squirrel suit.

Additionally, last night saw the Bear get sick. 1st time in a while. A fever of 101 developed after the Squeek party. She wasn’t her boisterous self in Hoboken either, but her condition worsened (and the fever was discovered) at her cousins birthday party later in the day. She awoke in the middle of the night to throw up, although nothing came up (she hadn’t eaten much – passing on the WorryWoo cake and the birthday cake – 2 cakes in one day and she missed out!)

Pumpkin pickin’ might be postponed for this lovely Sunday morning. Probably a good thing. Not sure I want to go out front with that squirrel lady still standing there.

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