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King Pajama – Something Sweet CD Review


The Sound: Piano driven, bluesy rhythms and a heavy does of affection for Carole King.

In the Cafeteria, They Sit With: Funky Mama, Sugar Free All stars, The Dreyer Family Band.

Best Moments: “Heavy Coat” is the best song on the disc. It’s absolutely going to have people giving you eyes as you sing to yourself “heavy coat / heavy coat / will you sail with me / on a ship across the ocean / just my heavy coast and me”. I cannot get that delicious melody out of my head. Additionally, I can’t help but think of Where the Wild Things Are as I listen to this track. In fact, many of the lyrics on the album have a Sendak-feel to them. The lyrical content, together with the obvious Really Rosie musical influence, give “Something Sweet” a timeless aesthetic, kinda like a pair of faded old bluejeans – comfy, cool and classic.

Bonus Thoughts:
King Pajama is Brooklyn based husband and wife Jason and Jena Blechman who enlisted the help of the uber-talented vocalist Nina Zeitlin to bring their debut kid’s music project to life.

Okay, Time to Wrap it Up with a Nice Little Bow: “Something Sweet” is a just that, a sweet, surprising and utterly pleasant album from start to finish. There’s no reason you couldn’t leave this disc spinning long after your kids have been deposited at school or after they’ve drifted off to sleep. It’s likely that you, before getting to this point in the review anyway, had never heard of King Pajama…you’re not alone. I had no idea who they were either and now I cannot stop playing their CD. I love it and my girls love dancing to it. If you’re reading OWTK and you’ve made it this far down, there’s a very good chance your gang will want a little “Something Sweet” too.

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