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Dinosaur Pop – Kid's CD Review

Kids loves dinosaurs. Kids love music. Seems a perfect fit, no?

While there’s a smattering of dinosaur-themed kid’s songs out there in kiddie rock-n-roll land, Lunch Money’s hilarious “Tiny Dinosaurs” and Kid’s Music Underground’s fantastic “My Pet Dinosaur” quickly come to mind, never before has someone had the prehistoric audacity to release an entire album’s worth of dino-centric tunage.

…until now!

Paul Legrady has, under the moniker Dinosaur Pop, crafted a terrific concept album centered entirely about those extinct creatures so many kiddos love to wear on their pajamas and play with in the bathtub.

Imagine if The Decemberists took a break from writing about stillborn children and prostitute mothers and focused their efforts on a Jurassic rock opera. You might end up with something as lovely as the dino-ballad “Pterodactyl Baby”.

Personally, I was never a lover of those over sized terrors. Thanks to my dino ambivalence, it’s no surprise that my girls have only a passing interest in dinosaurs. As a result the dino-detailed lyrical content here, while clever, catchy and educational, fails to hold my family’s attention. That will certainly not be true of your kids, should your gang be gaa-gaa for dinosaurs.

Visit the snazzy
Dinosaur Pop website for more info, to sample the songs, and to buy the physical disc, digital music and/or the pop-up book!


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