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Are You Ready for Baby? – OWTK Kid’s Book Review

Swine Flu be damned!

The latest book from Barney Saltzberg (Good Egg) examines the frustration and joy of having a new baby added to your household, through the lens of an adorable piggy family. Satlzberg captures the big brother/new baby dilemma perfectly in “Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Baby?”.

Cornelius P. Mud is a former only-child, now big brother, who wants so badly for his new lil‘ bro to do something…anything!

He’s a bright, energetic piglet who quickly learns all the things his new kid brother cannot do. As a way of getting to the bottom of this hole baby thing, Cornelius asks his mum a variety of questions about the tiny pig who has invaded his turf. He inquires about his brother’s ability to walk, talk and eat pizza. Eventually he comes to terms with the reality that babies can do a whooping 4 things (eat, sleep, poop and cry).

As Cornelius asks these questions of his mother, he imagines the proposed actions. Saltzberg’s illustrations during this Q&A session are fantastic & hilarious, especially the construction vehicle feeding baby an enormous slice of pizza.

In the end, Cornelius discovers that while the wait for a new playmate can be a tad boring, the idea of being a big brother is lovely on it’s own. The book should serve a nice read for any family who has recently or is about to add a new member.

“Are You Ready for Baby” is one in a series of Cornelius P. Mud books. You’re also able to discover if Cornelius is “Ready for Bed” and “Ready for School”.

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