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23 Skidoo “Family Tree” Video

Viewmaster. Lite Bright. Ferris Wheel. Robot Costume.
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s new video for “Family Time” has got it all.
The visual presentation is as good as the song, that is to say Outstanding!
This is easily one of the best kid’s music videos I’ve ever seen. Might just win Skidoo his 2nd straight Zooglobble video-o-the-year award. Check it out:

Now watch 23 Skidoo and Saki (aka MC Fireworks) perform “Family Tree” live in Philly, from a couple weekends back – with a little lesson in microphone control at the top (pay attention young MCs). You can clearly see how much love Skidoo and Brooke have for their little girl.

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