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Oh The Places We'll Go (or Road Trip Switch-A-Roo)

The OWTK Montreal/Niagara Falls journey is off…the OWTK KC Jiggle Jam road trip is on, baby!

In about 10 days, we’re going to begin our loooong driving adventure, eventually arriving in the land of BBQ which will double as the capital of the family music universe, at least for 48 hours during Memorial Day Weekend. OWTK will be Facebooking (become a fan!) and Tweeting (follow me!) the Jiggle Jam live and then updating this site with photos, recaps and maybe even an artist interview or two each evening, after the kiddies retire to bed.

Our itinerary is still a work in progress but will most certainly include a lot of baseball, including our hometown Phillies in Cincinnati, Red Birds/Cubs (maybe…man tickets are expensive at new Busch Stadium – no ticket cheaper than $24!!), and the upstart Royals in gorgeous Kaufman stadium (which now includes a carousel, 5-hole mini golf course and playground…baseball game? what baseball game?)

We may even take in a Triple-A contest in Louisville on the way home.

Aside from the “road” portion of the road trip, it should be a blast…baseball, family music and good eats. Not much in life better than that!

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