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Lawn Mower + Box Cutter + Glitter

= hours upon hours of imagination-expanding f…f…FUN!

Months back I scoffed at the idea of spending $100+ on a stupid cardboard box. In that piece I advocated spending a little extra to get a new refrigerator, which always comes with a complimentary, sturdy box. I totally forgot that a lawn mower is generally cheaper than a fridge and also comes with an over-sized cardboard edifice.

A couple weeks ago I bought a new push mower and viola! into our lives came a gigantic plaything that we quickly turned into a one room fun house. The kids’ new digs has an archway entrance and 3 windows. The girls stickered/glittered/bedazzled it up in no time. We didn’t just stop there…oh no. Another, flattened box became the front porch, complete with cat, flower and butterflies stickers. The Mrs. actually uttered the sentence “the Bear is in the Zoe chair, on the front porch”…1 week in and it’s part of our household vernacular!

Another much smaller box has been transformed into a baby doll’s humble abode…or as I like to call it the in-law suite.

Ice cream shop, the world’s first drive-thru carwash (like a drive-thru bank, only with pretend hoses and soap cannons) – the mower box has already been many, many things.

A couple days ago, our composter arrived in…you guessed it! – a huge box. We’re now building a mini-apartment complex (or shanty town, depending on your perspective) with the old porch becoming a roof.

Yeah, it’s got some upside-down product pics and big white UPC stickers but it’s still better than a $100 cardboard box…with no new lawn mower.


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