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Brady Rymer at KC Jiggle Jam 2009

Brady Rymer is making some of the best family music of this generation. That might be an understatement what with that Grammy nomination and all.

But as great as his recordings are, they got nothin’ on his live show. The true testament of a band’s worth, regardless of genre, is in the quality of it’s live performance and much like The Boss and other rock-n-roll vets, Rymer and the Little Band That Could are in their glory on the stage. Brady and his rock-solid, professional 5 piece band (drums/bass/keys/mandolin/accordion/backing vocals) are happiest when performing and have the energy and passion to play for hours beyond their 60 minute kiddie show allotments.

Rymer unveiled 2 new numbers on the KC Jiggle Jam crowd today. The first, “Tomorrow’s People”, is an inspiration ode to the hope of better days ahead (for our kids and their kids and so on). It’s as lovely as “Light of Love”, the other new one first featured here a couple weeks back after Stink (Kindie) Fest ’09. Both show Brady as impassioned dreamer and hopeful optimist. Both songs are beautiful arrangements that ooze love, warmth and a big ol’ smile – basically, they are the musical embodiment of Mr. Rymer himself.

We may have a long while before we get the next Brady Rymer record, but if these 2 tracks are any indication the Grammy nod last year will not be his last.

Rymer has tons of summer dates lined up in San Fran, Orlando, NYC, Baltimore and D.C.-area and Massachusetts. Check out his website for dates/times/more info. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable way to spend an hour of your life with (or without!) your kids.

Note: I have video of Brady Rymer from today but my Flip Mino froze up and isn’t yet willing to part with it’s contents. If it gets fixed, you’ll see Brady & Co. performing @ KC Jiggle Jam 2009.

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