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Hap Palmer – Multiplication Mountain CD Review

There is a most certainly a place for educational music. Hap Palmer is proof positive that an artist can be viable, entertaining AND educational. Palmer’s latest is a musical multiplication table called “Multiplication Mountain”. Your child will literally climb the metaphorical mountain as they progress from the “easiest” figures to protract out mathematically – 2s, 5s, and 10s – to the more challenging 6s, 7s and 9s (nine was always my favorite) . Following each proper song is another version, identical musically, but sans the numerical answers. This is the genius of “Multiplication Mountain”, the entertaining math romps first, serving as the lecture, then a duplicate romp standing in as the test.
It’s fast paced learning with a beat.

The well-recorded, professional musical arrangements are varied stylistically (from jazz to calypso to even a waltz) which assists in holding a child’s attention. And with catchy, clever and easy to sing-a-long-with lyrics such as “…a 5 day trip becomes a 10 day cruise, you can double any number you choose” this CD will aid your little sponges as they learn to memorize the multiplication table (after all, no one seems to have a problem remembering song lyrics, yet most of us struggle with math. Hmmm…)

“Multiplication Mountain” is the perfect compliment to actual math class.

Sample each track and buy the disc on Hap Palmer’s CDBaby page.

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