Rock-N-Roll Brothers and Sisters

I don’t do this much.

I purposely do not push my t-shirts and other swag onto you my OWTK readership. That probably means, above all else, that I’m pretty poor as a businessman. Really though, it’s just because I have no desire to turn OWTK into a selfish, internet spam-fest.

That being said, here I am showing off something new I created because it directly relates to OWTK – Family/Kids and Music. And also because I really like what I’ve created here.

Check out the reworking of my “Rockin’ Brother/Sister, etc” series, now featuring cooler fonts and sweet new guitar artwork. These shirts, plus a whole lot more, are available at World’s Fair, my lil’ t-shirt & gift shop.

If you find yourself cruising around the store and see something you like, be sure to use the coupon code CLUNGDREAMS to save $5 (off of $50, expires 2/22/09).

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