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Mama’s Kiss – OWTK Book Review

Jane Yolen (Owl Moon, How Do Dinosaurs…) hits the mark again with Mama’s Kiss, a whimsical little book that the Bear and Mouse both adore. The story involves an runaway kiss, it’s path out into nature, and flight back home again where it belongs.

The illustrations are delightful and the light tale is clever enough for a nearly 5 year old to enjoy yet simple enough for an 18 month old to follow (she literally traces with her little finger the path of the traveling smooch) and to get excited about. The kiss from Mama bounces from child to child, then pet to pet before a quick sojourn with a couple wild animals, before being planted on the cheek for which it was originally intended.

Yolen is a master of making everyday English sound more grandiose than it ever does coming out of our mouths. She continues to be one of OWTK’s favorite children’s authors. I definitely recommend Mama’s Kiss for any parent of a little one between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.

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