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23 Skidoo or When A Critic Buys a Record

I am extremely fortunate to get a lot of kid’s music sent to me. It probably goes without saying then that I do not find myself ponying up for kiddie CDs all that often. But there are exceptions.

About a month ago I bought “Easy”, the debut 23 Skidoo disc from the Pokey Pup. I did so after seeing the album’s high ranking (#4!) in the Fids and Kamily 2008 Music Awards. I am one of the voters in that poll but have to admit that I’d never heard of 23 Skidoo. At the time the awards were announced I hadn’t even a clue what kind of music he/it/they made. It was the only name on the list I didn’t know (I think). That was intriguing enough to get me to Google “23 Skidoo“, find the official site, sample “Gotta Be Me” and “Luck” (click each to play the full songs), then rush over to my favorite online kiddie music store to plunk down the coins for “Easy”.

Holy cow is it good!
If only I’d come upon the disc a couple months earlier. It would’ve without a doubt landed in the top half of my top 10.
The two songs I mentioned above are easily two of the best songs released this year and “Family Tree” (not to be confused with Frances England’s track and album title) might be the most endearing tune as Agent 23 Skidoo is joined on the mic by his daughter Saki for a funny, sweet duet.

23 Skidoo makes hip hop music, real hip hop music, for kids and I cannot imagine anyone, before or since, doing it better. His style is a mix of fun, old-school Fresh Prince and new-school, socially conscious hip hop. The upbeat lyrics are superb and drip with positive energy…as just one listen to either “Gotta Be Me”, “Luck” or “Last Dragon” (all available to preview on his site) will prove.

Luck is kind of a funny thing…’cause 23 Skidoo and Saki will be rollin‘ through Philly this Saturday January 10th 2009. OWTK will definitely be in the house for the show and with any luck, you’ll get a review and some pics/video next week.

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