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So Many Toys So Little Time

Well, plenty of time actually but the too-many-toys bit is right-on. The girls and I are seemingly paralyzed by the sheer volume of new stuff to play with. Our collective attention span has diminished greatly since Christmas Day. We move from new thing to new thing at a breakneck speed, not our typically style, and I’m not enjoying it at all. We’ve had a more time to do this routine this week as the girls’ school is closed for holiday break, a fact I didn’t realize until I pulled into their empty parking lot Tuesday morning. Maybe I should pay closer attention to those school calendars we get every month.

On the gift front, we had a few misses this year – or should I say that Santa did. After just one try the My Horse and Me game for the Wii, something I thought the Bear would really like, seems kinda like a dud. The reviews were almost unanimously glowing. Maybe it’ll be a slow grower. The Gary Gadget Computer game for my Mac laptop is alright, but nothing great. The new Playdoh equipment reaffirmed my general hatred of plastic toys. The modestly-sized Breyer Horse set didn’t hold the Bear’s interest for long and the one fence for jumping keeps collapsing despite our best efforts to keep it upright. While Christmas Day itself was pretty cool, the days following have been less than stellar.

Happy New Year y’all. Until ’09…


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