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Knuckleheads Kid's Book – An OWTK Giveaway

Hey, we’re officially in a recession! No kidding…

Today’s giveaway is the fantastic, highly-original hardback kid’s book KNUCKLEHEADS by Joan Holub. Kunckleheads recreates four famous fairy tales and adds out-of-this-world illustrations. Your 4-8 year old kiddies will love the hilarious, alternative versions of these recognizable tales. KNUCKLEHEADS would look lovely under your tree this year!

Here is the book’s official description:
“Knuckleheads — From Handsel and Gretel nibbling on a house made of finger food to Handerella trying to win over the handsome Finger Prints, Knuckleheads is hands down fun! Earburt and Toeper give it two thumbs up! The combination of Joan Holub’s pun-filled humor and Michael Slack’s on-the-nose pictures make this a must-read for all ages.

Want this unique book for your kid this Holiday? Just leave a comment here before 11:59PM (ET) Saturday, December 6th 2008 for your chance to win.

And don’t forget that there’s still time to enter to win the complete series of Liberty’s Kids on DVD too!


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