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A New Day at the Please Touch Museum

The girls and I spent today at the Please Touch Museum. ‘Twas our third visit to the new location but our first since opening week. A few things have changed since mid-October, one that was most necessary and that is the way members enter the museum. Yesterday, conveniently enough, a new membership card arrived complete with a bar code. This allows it to be scanned, much like an admission ticket, as you go through the new member’s only line (weee!). Gone are the days of toiling in the general ticket line, member card in hand, head filled with thoughts of “why must I stand here with antsy kids wanting to play??? and why did I join only to stand in the general line with kids itching to touch stuff???

Also new at the PTM are tables and chairs in the carousel room! Wow, that sounds like a fantastic venue for some lunchtime dining, in fact I suggested just this in my official review of the museum.

At the playhouse the great Pinch Bear stage show has been retired for now, in favor of How the Sun Was Returned to the Sky. This new show lacks the comedy of Pinch Bear but is a wonderful little 20 minute show for kiddies. The Please Touch Museum theater experience continues to serve as a terrific entrance into the world of live theater for kids.

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