A Decade Together

Right now, 8:30pm on December 10th, marks the 10th anniversary for my wife and I. We’ve been married for a mere 6 of those but on 12/10/98 we had our first date and have been by each other’s side ever since. I mean that literally. She moved in with me, into my apartment on South Street in Philly, pretty much the next day. We just knew it was meant to be. Even though our courtship would make the most boring film ever, I recognize just how rare and storybook that start actually was.

The Mrs. is my best friend and she remains the only person I want to hang out with, watch football with, kiss, snuggle and be beside for the best and worst days still to come.

Sure, we will continue to have the occasional argument – she doesn’t pick up after herself and I am an impatient, condescending a-hole – but we’re perfect for one another and I’m still the luckiest SOB in the world for having her in my life.

Thank you darling, for believing in and loving me.

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