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Danielle Sansone "Two Flowers" CD Review

The last thing the world needs is another children’s lullaby CD…that is, once everyone in the world owns Danielle Sansone’s gorgeous “Two Flowers”.

The beauty of this album begins the moment your eyes meet the fantastic cover art and carries through to when your ears hear the last note of “So Many Ways” – the precious final track. Danielle’s music is expansive enough to allow every keystroke on the piano and strum of the guitar to fade sweetly into the distance while her voice floats above with an overriding lyrical theme of never ending love of one’s children. The comparisons are there, so I’ll just go ahead and make them – yes, indeed she sounds a bit like a less-raspy Norah Jones especially on the superb title track where the overdubbed lead vocal (or harmonized backup vocalist, I can’t quite tell) adds the just right amount of depth. It is also virtually impossible to listen to a great children’s record by a female artist these days without hearing, at least on some level, Natalie Merchant. One may not understand exactly how amazing a vocalist Merchant is until you hear all the singers to come after her. Danielle Sansone is another in the lineage of magical, mystical female vocalists capable of dazzling an audience with every verse.

Many of the tracks on “Two Flowers” feature sparse instrumentation with appropriate string fills scattered about. It all sets up wonderfully as the ideal foundation for Sansone’s voice and her lyrics which tug delicately at a parent’s heartstrings. For example, if you are fortunate enough to have a couple daughters, as I do, you will surely adore the bed time song “Shimmering”.

“Two Flowers” is a must own record for any family with small children. But to be honest you don’t need kids to enjoy “Two Flowers” as this 14 song collection of love songs is so sturdy it can and should stand on it’s own as a great record, not just a great children’s record. The Mrs. didn’t even pick up on the fact that it is designated as such.
Additionally, older girls (like the Bear) who love to sing will be enthralled with Danielle’s impressive delivery and may also, like the Bear, learn a thing or two about singing. The Bear already has begun to finish some phrases as Danielle does (ie: “…when the morning find the dew” from the title track).

Check out Danielle Sansone’s website to purchase this fine record and to see if she’ll be strolling through your town sometime soon.

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