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The Terrible Twos "Jerzy The Giant" CD Review

The Terrible Twos debut record was a breath of fresh air in the kid’s music world. Matt Pyror brought his melodic, emo-tinged (I cringe at the mention of the term emo) rock music to the kiddie set with outstanding results. When the new TT’s disc arrived in the mail a few weeks back we in the OWTK household were giddy. We had a road trip to a far away birthday party and were going to spend a lot of quality time with the Jerzy the Giant. Only problem was, the new songs didn’t have that immediate connection. The sense of awe that was so prevalent on “If You Ever See An Owl” was missing. We listened through a couple times then slipped in something else for the rest of the drive. I kinda forgot about The Terrible Twos for a spell until I heard a cut or two on Spare the Rock. Then I was prompted to stream the album on Vagrant’s website and slowly but surely started coming around to the new tunes. Now, I listen straight through and have found real pleasure in the new record. While my initial impression was, to be honest, one of trying to hurry a record to “cash in” on the kiddie rock craze my new mindset when it comes to Jerzy the Giant is that this sophomore effort represents another solid effort of clever storytelling and infectious hooks all built on a steady foundation of Matt Pyror’s true and pure love of his own children. The music is sweet, touching and funny. Add to that a song with the lyrics “great big poop, tiny tiny poop” and you have a winner in my book!

Topics covered here are not your typical kid’s music fare (stinky folks that refuse to take showers, the great big poop song…just to name a couple) and that is one of the reasons The Terrible Twos continue to win over fans from coast to coast. Pryor and company are, despite my quick first response, still offering up something unique and thoroughly enjoyable in the children’s music space.

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