On Departing

At High Noon today I saddled up my trusty horse and rode off into a rare mid-day sunset. To the untrained eye however, it probably looked like I was simply walking out of work for the last time.

A surreal feeling. I spent just about 30% of my life inside those walls with that organization and to be officially gone feels both comforting and very odd. As I type this at 10pm on Friday night it’s as though nothing is different. I imagine that will change come Monday morning.

What I have not addressed here since announcing this big move is what you, my loyal OWTK reader, should expect once I am fathering “full-time”. The plan is to write more…more parenting wisdom (ha), more CD/Book/Movie reviews and, more broadly to grow this parenting blog thang into an international phenomenon…sound good? Heck maybe I’ll even complete an entire post without a single spelling error…a guy can hope, right?

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