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Why So Dark?

OWTK has been dark for it’s longest stretch. That’s not a sign of things to come…quite the opposite actually. It’s been a weird week +. My lower back gave out last Monday causing me much pain and discomfort through Friday. Also on Friday, bizarre joint pain and sweating fits started, causing the doctor to mention Lyme Disease and require me to get blood work done. Now I’m not sure if I’m more scared of the story in the blood or the device used to extract the stuff.

Oh, the other big news is that on Thursday I gave my notice at work. I’m abandoning my super comfy well-paying gig to become a stay at home dad, effective August 22nd. The Mrs. and I decided that I would resign from the day job to dedicate more time to being a father to the girls, especially since the Bear has one year left before thirteen (at least) straight years of school begin. I’m nervous as all hell, but I take that to be a good thing. The girls will still remain in school for a couple shorter days each week. Basically, they will go from 40 hours a week to about 15. During that time OWTK will be expanded and ye olde tee shirt shop grown (hopefully).

It’s bound to be difficult at times, financially speaking, but I simply could not face turning 40 or something and seeing my girls, then 12 and 9, and facing waves of regret because I chose not to spend as much time with them as possible when they were still young and impressionable…just to chase a paycheck. We are finally in a position to, after a year of planning, to give this a go.

So in late August (assuming I’m still alive) I will embark on what lines up to be a pretty spectacular journey with my little ladies. I see days of arts and crafts, kitchen experiments and baking, trips to museums and hopefully snuggly naps together every day.
The Bear’s wish, stated last night in a cute little pretend baby-ish voice…and I quote “Yay stay home with dada! Snuggle and read books all day!” I had to tell her how great that sounds but that her little monster sister is also going to be staying home with us…so hours upon hours of book reading together in bed might not happen at least not until the Mouse become less of a wrecking ball.

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