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The Tales of Despereaux – The Bear's 1st Chapter Book

While we waited for Wall-E to take the screen a few weeks ago we saw a preview for a new modern-fairy tale called The Tales of Despereaux. The movie looks terrific. Turns out it’s based off an original Newberry award winning book by Kate Dicamillo. The Mrs. picked up the book at the library last week and every night we all read 4-5 (short) chapters. The Bear likes it, I think, even though there are only a handful of drawings to look at. It’s her first experience with simply listening to a story without a visual companion. The book is probably meant for kid’s a bit older, maybe 7 and up, as there are some nasty bits in there but she’s hanging in. In reading The Tales of Despereaux the Bear has learned a valuable lesson about basic storytelling – even though the main character’s fate may look dim early on in the reading one look at the number of pages left gives the reader a good hint that the protagonist will make it through…otherwise, the book would instead be considered a Newberry Award winning pamphlet. This knowledge seems to have pacified her during the early scary pages as I could see her looking at how much of the book remained before getting settled back into her seat.

Tonight we conclude the final six chapters are finally learn what happens to the Princess Pea, our hero and the rest of the characters who have managed to survive thus far.

Check out the preview of the film, which looks much more pleasing (read: less death, killing, bloodshed, etc) than the book.


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