The Kids are Alright

The Bear and the Mouse are both healthy. The weather is pleasant. The Phillies are back playing National League foes. The Red Wings signed Marian Hossa. And the fantasy football season is right around the corner. Life is pretty sweet right now.

The Bear was on a school bus twice this week, on back to back days. That makes three times total over the course of the past two weeks. The thrill has already worn off. Geez, kids these days!

Today her class visited a local supermarket, got to touch a live lobster, sample some apples and generally had a swell time. Yesterday was the Bear’s first “in-school” swim lesson. Once per week the kiddies get bussed to an outdoor pool for some light aquatic instruction. She already knows how to swim but I have no doubt she’ll get even better, from a technical standpoint (you know, kick & paddle and all that kind of stuff) during these trips.

Speaking of school buses (nice segue, no?) – Check out Daddy-A-Go-Go’s new video for School Bus Driver. Sweet guitar lick at the 1:20 mark.


And speaking of children’s rock-n-roll…there has been tons of kid’s music goodness flooding my mailbox over the past few weeks. French party tunes, a new collection from Music Together (giveaway alert!) and oodles of solo indie efforts. I’m hoping to begin the review parade next week. Stay Tuned.

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