OWTK On the Road to The Newport Folk Festival!

It’s been one hell of a musical week so far and we haven’t even gotten to Newport yet. After a rockin’ good time at World Cafe Live on Monday afternoon where the Bear and I saw, heard and danced to Recess Monkey, the Mrs. and I spent last night in Philly at the Wolf Parade show. They are a damn fine band, I contend one of the best playing music today, and they’re terrific live.
Watch them performing “This Heart’s On Fire” on late night TV last year:

Kid’s music fans in Austin, Phoenix, Portland and the great state of Washinton still have a chance to catch the road-weary Monkees as they head back home. Check out their tour schedule here and take your kids to see one of the best kiddie rock bands around.

Tomorrow we depart for New England!

After a stop in Mystic, CT to rest and have a bit of fun at the Mystic Aquarium we will arrive at the 2008 Newport Folk Festival on Saturday morning. I’m a tad dissappointed with the 2008 Newport Folk Festival schedule that was finally released. The Felice Brothers play at the same time as Jim James of My Morning Jacket, which sucks royally. Looks like we won’t be at the main (Fort) stage at all on Saturday as all the bands we’re there to see/hear are playing the smaller stages. Sunday however, with the exception of the Avett Brothers set, we will be parking in front of the Fort all day long!

…the best part of all? The weather looks dreamy – high 70’s, sunny and breezy on the water.

Taking kids to the Newport Folk Fest this year? Check out one of the first articles I ever wrote on OWTK, about taking a youngster to Newport for two days of music.

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