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So this is what it's like to be SAHD

If nothing else, the past three days have afforded me the opportunity to discover a slice of the Stay At Home Dad lifestyle. It’s remains a big time dream of mine, to be a work at home/stay at home hybrid dad…that would be a WAHSAHHD for those scoring at home.

It’s truly been a blast being home with the Bear this week. We did a lot of hanging out in bed playing pretend. I love pretending to be a sleeping baby, sleeping daddy, sleeping big brother, sleeping turtle…you name it and I can pretend being a sleepy version of it. We also did some “science” experiments in the kitchen – mixing baking soda with vinegar to produce cool fizzy fizz, cutting an apple in 1/2 to put one half in the oven and the other in the freeze thus bearing witness to what temperature extremes can do and then playing with the polarity of magnets. After all that we baked chocolate chip cookies and talked about why the batter looked different than it does at Christmastime. I also made her swear to never ever buy pre-made cookie dough when she becomes an adult.

So it would seem as though the Bear’s fever broke last night. She got a horrible night’s sleep and woke simply warm…not smokin’ hot. A considerable improvement. She’s been fever free all day today and the culture taken at the Doctor’s office yesterday came back negative – so no strep for her. Looks like she’ll be back in school tomorrow and my WAHSAHHD fun will come to an end.

During the downtime this week, that would be when the Bear was napping, I finished David Sedaris’ new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. I’m a huge fan of his, having read everything the man has written to date. I liked this new book but it definitely lacks the volume of laugh-out-loud hilarity of prior stories. Still very good though. Now on to finishing Through The Children’s Gate.

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