I'm a Big Shmuck

While I rarely discuss it here on OWTK, I live and breathe Detroit Red Wings hockey. In fact, next year will mark my 20th year as fan of the Winged Wheel. I’ve been to a pair of regular reason games (both wins) over the past 19 years (I think sometime in 1995 and then again 1997, when I also got to see a Michigan State Spartans football game – when they pounded Penn State and had two RBs go for over 200 yards each). When I was younger, I wouldn’t go to sleep until I knew the final score of their game…even if they were on the west coast. I lived in my parent’s basement watching ESPN2 back when it was nicknamed “the deuce”. ESPN2 served as hockey central back then and was my portal to the Red Wings as least once a week, or so it seemed.

Anyway, I never saw a Wings playoff game despite them winning the Cup just 2.5 hours South of me in D.C. in the mid-nineties and playing 2 Stanley Cup Finals games in Philly when they swept the Flyers the year prior. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, in 2002 when they won the Cup on home ice in game 5 against the Carolina Hurricanes I happened to be in Dayton, OH (just a few hours South of Detroit) for the day job. Instead of driving up and scalping a ticket to watch them hoist the Cup I sat in a hotel room alone watching it on a crappy little TV. At that moment I vowed to never pass on the chance to see them win the Cup should they be in the position to do it on home ice. Well, wouldn’t you know it that I wussed out once again and passed on the chance to be in the Motor City tonight for what will likely be the Cup clinching win against the Penguins. I could have bought a standing room ticket for $330 (a bit much, yes, but it’s the Stanley Cup!) late Saturday night after they beat Pittsburgh in game 4, flown to Columbus and drove up for relatively cheap (on 2 days notice). The use of Columbus, OH would also have helped rectify my prior central Ohio screw-up 6 years ago.
But no, I hesitated, even as the Mrs. was pleading with me to just buy the damn ticket and figure out the transportation later. Because I delayed, I lost the chance to get the ticket at that “low” price. Now they are $600 each and I can’t get a flight that will ensure my arrival before the puck drops.

I can’t believe I’m not going to be inside Joe Louis Arena tonight. I suck so bad.

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