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The Bear has a Going Problem

Over the past few months the Bear has been having a seriously difficult time making it through an entire day without peeing herself. Her underwear is almost always damp and is far too often soaked through to her tights (remaining concealed under her dress) by the time we bring her home from school. Considering she’s been using the toilet since she was two years old, which was 2 years ago, this issue is most baffling for The Mrs. and I.

The Bear swears she feels it coming but seemingly refuses to dart over to the nearest potty at that moment. Part of me thinks the pissy panties are an attention-getting ploy now that the Mouse is mobile and requiring more and more active parenting to keep her out of the drawers, bathrooms, etc. Another part, the more reasonable and more hopeful side of me, thinks this is just a case of the Bear not deeming a pee pause-worthy while enjoying a game, puzzle, conversation, book, whatever.

I hope it’s the later because a smart little girl can’t possibly sit in smelly, moist pants all day just to get an ear full from Mom at night. She can’t actually crave that kind of attention, right?
I find it hard to believe considering we praise her and give high-fives when she’s dry at the end of the day. Surely that attention is greater than the other kind.

Does this mean she is going to have bad taste in dudes later in life and be one of those women who secretly likes to be verbally abused because, as some of those poor gals would say (if daytime TV is any indication), at least their men are paying attention to them?

Sweet Jesus I hope not.

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