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OWTK NCAA Kid's Music Tournament – Round 2

Welcome to round two of the OWTK Kid’s Music Tournament. Thanks to all who voted during round one (over 300 total votes!). We are down to 6 bands and their newest albums now.

Stardust Lullaby flat out spanked Brady Rymer in what many consider to be the most shocking upset in the long and storied history of the OWTK NCAA Kid’s Music Tournament (wink, wink). Cher & Gene Klosner now advance to face The Harmonica Pocket, fresh off their win over Johnette Downing and her Dixieland Jazz for Children album, in the 2nd round.

Not that this is a video competition (Zooglobble’s got that cool idea cornered) but here is a new Stardust Lullaby video, hot off the presses, to help you decide the winner this time around. When making an animated video, it helps to be married to one of the creative folks behind The Simpsons, as Cher is.

You will want to click on the links above to re-read the OWTK reviews of both records and find the audio samples to, well, sample. Then leave your comment/vote (with your name/email address) for either Stardust Lullabies or The Harmonica Pocket by midnight ET on Wednesday 4/9. Don’t forget to also vote on the Mr. Oscat vs. Bari Koral 2nd round matchup!
Your comments will help decide the winners. Everyone that leaves a comment during the Tournament will have a chance to win the Final Four CDs.

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