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OWTK NCAA Kid's Music Tournament – Round 2 – Mr. Oscat vs. Bari Koral

Continuing with the 2nd round…

(4) Mr. Oscat moves on to face (5) Bari Koral Family Rock Band. An interesting matchup of two lower seeded acts that scored nice upsets in round 1. I couldn’t find any Bari Koral kid’s stuff on youtube, but here is Mr. Oscat’s “Ducks in a Row”. Again, this isn’t a video competition…I’m just including this as an easily accessible sample. Enjoy.

You will want to click on the links above to re-read the OWTK reviews of both records and find the audio samples to, well, sample. Then leave your comment/vote (with your name/email please!) for either “Mr. Oscat Says…” or The Bari Koral Family Rock band by midnight ET on Wednesday 4/9. Your comments will help decide the winner. Also, feel free to cast your ballot in the Stardust Lullaby vs. Harmonica Pocket contest!
Everyone that leaves a comment with their name (fairly difficult to award CDs to ‘anonymous’) during the Tournament will have a chance to win the Final Four CDs.

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