So Much Time So Little To Do

A Mellow Sensational Weekend

The OWTK gang (minus the Mouse) will be hangin’ in the Big Apple this coming weekend. The trip marks the delayed 4th birthday getaway/gift we promised the Bear in leu of a party. On Saturday afternoon we will be in attendance for Gustafer Yellowgold’s Mellow Sensation off-broadway show (extended for 2 more weeks though May 17th due to popular demand!) and then on Sunday we will head to Joe’s Pub for Ellis Paul’s family matinee (where we will hope that he plays “Abiola” – the Bear’s favorite tune from the remarkable “The Dragonfly Races“).

We may try to squeeze in an early evening viewing of Horton Hears and Who and then get all fancy for a nice dinner on Saturday night.

Should be a fantastic weekend in the world’s greatest city…that is providing the rain currently in the forecast for Saturday decides to show up a day early. Fingers firmly crossed.

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