Random Toddlering

The Bear's 1st Camera

Some of you may recall, from this post, that we purchased the Bear a non-kiddie digital camera for her 4th B-Day. I wanted to share a couple shots from her first few “rolls” (we still have the GE supplied memory card in there which holds a whopping 16 photos). The flowers were also a B-Day gift and that is, I’m pretty sure, the 1st picture she took with the cool red camera.

These other two are from the park this past weekend. Baby Josie was stuck in a tree and then was levitating a bit.

This little $80 camera takes pretty sweet pictures, even with a 4 year old’s not-always-steady hands at the controls. If you’re in the market for a relatively affordable device for your camera-lovin’ kid you could probably do a lot worse for your dollar (for example, you could buy one of those clunky plastic things with a TV character splattered across it for the same price or more).

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