March-y March

March is traditionally my favorite month of the year for the following reasons:

  • the NCAA basketball Tournament
  • Spring Training/Opening Day (on the 31st this year!)
  • the Bear’s birthday
  • Spring weather
  • Snow

(yes, March usually brings the best snowfall of the year in this part of the country AS WELL AS the first signs of those lovely 60 degree Springtime days – weird, no?)

This March is cooler than most thanks to the stack of super cool tunes on my desk, the Justin Roberts show in Philly one week from today and Brady Rymer’s gig in 3 weeks.
We are really enjoying the following CDs (all of which will be reviewed here in the coming weeks as part of OWTK’s March Musical Madness):

  • the terrific new Brady Rymer record (amazingly this disc marks my introduction to Brady)
  • the new effort from Rebecca Freeza and Big Truck (featuring the great Springtime tune “Come on Out”)
  • the 2nd record from the trippy The Harmonica Pocket (featuring the awesome “123 Ladybug”)
  • Hayes Greenfield’s “Music for a Green Planet” (featuring a top 5 song of 2008 in “The Things We Throw Away”)
  • the funny Queen/Talking Heads-ish record from Gunnar Madsen

In other news, the Bear has been introduced to another Gene Kelly classic, “An American in Paris”. She loves it but it hasn’t taken hold of her like “Singin‘ in the Rain”. A couple things about these old films – the on screen casual smoking (something so bizarre to watch these days since we rarely see actors lighting up) and looong kisses. The Bear now likes to hold her closed-mouth kisses-on-the-lips for uncomfortably long stretches.

I’ve been pretty absent from OWTK over the past week or so as the day job is driving me into the ground. Hopefully I’ll emerge from the nightmare in the next week or so.

Oh! Great news… we have booked a trip to Sarasota, FL – our favorite Southern beach destination. We will be spending Memorial Day weekend relaxing in the warm Gulf waters, the Mouse’s 1st trip to the Beach!

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