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Frances England’s Family Tree – Cover Art!

Frances England’s sophomore record is set to be released this spring. OWTK is giddy about this album as her debut, “Fascinating Creatures”, is our favorite kid’s record ever. Check out the cool cover art for “Family Tree” – handmade by Frances herself. I think OWTK is the first site to show off this beautiful artwork (I won’t go as far as to call this an exclusive, but ya know).

Much more about this exciting release in the coming weeks/months.

Later this week, OWTK will unveil the bracket for the our very own NCAA Tournament (that is the New Children’s Audio Amusement Tourney). I have nearly a dozen new discs on my desk and figured it’d be fun to seed them and pit them against each other college basketball style with brief reviews attached to each. No bubble teams (or bands) here, everyone is in and has a chance to win. Hopefully I’ll do a giveaway with this, maybe giving the final four discs to a winner or something like that. Clearly, as I do with most everything else, I’m making this up as I go along. Anyway, stop back on Thursday for the start of the Tournament!

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