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WorryWoo Week Continues – A Sneak Peak at Rue

WorryWoo Week is coming to an end. It’s been a fun 5 days on OWTK. Thanks for spending it with us. Today, we take a look at Rue, the Monster of Insecurity. His book and doll are to be ready by mid-summer/fall of 2008.

To celebrate the conclusion of WorryWoo Week on OWTK, Andi Green has provided an exclusive sneak peek at Rue, including a page from the next book, and a picture of a very Muppets-Animalesque Rue Doll (which looks even cuter than Nola, if that possible).

Look at how fantastic the art looks here in a page from the next book! We are extremely excited to read the next edition and play with this fantastic looking doll.

The Bear is totally enamored with Nola, the doll, and I can only imagine that the adorable Rue will have a similar impact on her. She takes Nola everywhere, teaches her about everything (saying things like “Nola doesn’t know about pretzels”), and generally makes sure that she is never lonely.

So many of you have left wonderful comments fondly recalling that special doll, stuffed animal or toy from your own childhood. I’ve enjoyed reading every single story and can’t thank you enough for sharing what, for a good number of you, seem like very personal memories from decades ago. I can promise you that Nola has a good chance to be that special, unique stuffed animal that your child will cherish forever. I cannot urge you enough to go out and buy this instant classic book and the beautiful Nola doll for your child or for yourself.

Thanks again for spending this week with OWTK and the WorryWoo Monsters!

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