WorryWoo Monster Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to Mama Zen and Jill (please send me an email Jill, I can’t for the life of me figure out your email address from your homepage. outwiththekids_at_gmail_dot_com. Thanks!)

You have each won an autographed 1st edition copy of The Lonely Little Monster and an adorable Nola stuffed animal!

Thanks to all of you for entering the giveaway and for sharing a personal memory. I loved reading about your favorite childhood stuffed animals and the sad/happy/odd circumstances that brought them into your life as a youngster. I wish so much that I could give The Lonely Little Monster book and doll to each and every one of you. For those that did not win I would like to once again ask/suggest that you pick up a copy of this book or at the very least bookmark the WorryWoo Monster site and check back as future editions are released.

Stop back again for more parenting talk, music reviews and cool giveaways!


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