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Lullabyes for Irish Eyes

It’s not totally cheesy for this entire post to be in green, is it?

Ever since it arrived in the post, the new Putumayo Kids Celtic Dreamland record has been a mainstay inside the Mouse’s CD player. This means that I have become intimately familiar with the record, as I’m Mouse’s bedtime bottle man. I can therefore, without hesitation, call Celtic Dreamland my favorite nighttime/lullaby disc ever.

There is something entirely peaceful and evocative about the cuts on the Celtic Dreamland disc. I feel as though the Mouse and I are snuggling inside a dreamy cottage (maybe this one here, in Galway) on the Ireland coast, not in her smallish room in our suburban American home. I believe that is the highest praise one could pay any music, to be able to transport the listener to another place/time/emotional state. I feel that it is even more a compliment when discussing lullaby or bedtime tunes as it is within that restful, dreamlike place that the mind becomes most willing to be moved to another continent, to another world where smiles abound, love always wins-out and the laundry is already folded and neatly organized in drawers and closets.

Putumayo Kids Celtic Dreamland accomplishes that task with ease each and every night. Do yourself and your kiddies a favor and pick up this classy and utterly delightful record.

To hear samples and to buy the disc, visit the Putumayo Kids site here.

You could also pick up the disc from the good folks over at The Pokey Pup – OWTK’s favorite kid’s record store.

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