Le Grand Muzzy

So I’m flipping through the new Parenting magazine, reading all about Mom’s and their interaction with their children (why isn’t this rag called “Raising Kids Without Dads!”) and there is a huge Ad for Muzzy, a two page spread! Yikes, that is probably a fairly expensive advert. Anyway, it reminded me of our own interaction with the big green space oddity…and what a perfect time to replay an OWTK classic (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

My review of French MUZZY

But first, a funny Muzzy television ad from what has to be the early eighties.

I now realize that I never followed up with the real life application of Muzzy. Well, I probably did during my blogging from France, but never succinctly. The Muzzy lessons clearly helped the Bear be a charming little American girl in Paris and Provence. She was able to order her own croissants and say hi and goodnight to shopkeepers and friendly Parisians and generally “get by” – just like her parents. The DVDs actually helped the Mrs. and I just as much. It was well worth the money and the little bit of time spent in front of the workbook and DVDs.

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