Good Mornin' – It's Kathy Seldon's world, we are just living in it

The Bear is head-over-heels in love with Singing in the Rain. She loves Kathy Seldon (Debbie Reynold’s character) but for some reason has to leave the room when she nails Lina Lamont in the face with that cream pie. Weird. She just gets upset at that part of the film.
Happy Weekend everyone…this clip is bound to cheer ya up, should you need help in that dept.


The furniture for our new room was delivered yesterday, after the carpet came on Wednesday. We spent a good portion of the day out there, in the as yet unfinished space. We broke out a space heater to warm things up a bit and got to have lunch on the bar table. It was tremendous. After 4 months of waiting, things are finally coming together. It ain’t even close to perfect, but it feels like home out there. We nailed the carpet decision – a multi-colored/flecked berber that hides everything (the Mouse christened the carpet with a few tbsp of spit up and after it was wiped up – you’d never know she had – Awesome).

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